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Indonesian Insurance Apps Available in Android and iOS

The technology that has developed in recent times has stimulated the spirit of the insurance industry in Indonesia to create applications that make it easier for customers. This insurance app based on Android and iOS can help customers make complaints.

Indonesian Insurance Apps Available in Android and iOS
Indonesian Insurance Apps Available in Android and iOS

Tika Bisono, psychologist said that the insurance app will provide a variety of amenities for customers, among them customers do not have to take a hit car to make a claim, they simply take a picture and are sent out of demand.

"Certainly, this innovation is progress. The insurance sector needs breakthroughs so as not to lag behind technological developments," Professor Sulastri Surono, an economist at the University of Indonesia in Jakarta, said on Friday.

Sulastri added that this application will support insurance services to be better, as in terms of speed, accuracy and comfort, as reported by AntaraNews (17/04/2015).

Although convenience has been granted, it does not exclude the possibility that cybercrime is approaching. That's why Sulastri encourages people with bad intentions to abuse the app.

One of the most interesting insurance applications is Malacca EZ, launched by PT Malacca Trust Wuwungan Insurance. This free downloadable app from the Play Store and App Store promises the best insurance services to its users.

According to Vientje Harijanto, CEO of PT Malacca Trust Wuwungan Insurance, Malacca EZ is indeed possible to make a claim by sending a photo of the part of the car that has been affected by the application. "You don't have to wait long, the Malacca call centre agent will contact the customer concerned to process the claim.
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